Exeter Local History Society members are hooked on history.  If you share our fascination, why not join us?  We have six lecture meetings a year  These alternate with six guided walks, plus we occasionally have long distance outings, and we cover an incredibly diverse range of subjects from Roman remains to post-WW2 redevelopment.


The charge for each meeting is normally £3 (free to members) and the annual membership fee is £12 (£16 for joint membership). If you sample a meeting and decide to join, the £3 cost will be deducted from your first annual fee.  Walks and visits normally cost £3 p.p. for members and visitors Walks and visits normally cost £3 p.p. for members and visitors alike.


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Our regular bi-monthly meetings at Jurys Inn will in future be on the second Wednesday in the month for February, April, June, August, October and December 2018, all at Jurys Inn. Our walks/visits are also bi-monthly and are also on the second Wednesday of the month i.e. January, March, May, July, September and November.  Details of future events are below.


Wednesday, 8 August 2018 

Illustrated Talk at Jurys Inn


                  "Exeter Workmens' Dwellings"   

                           Richard Holladay




A summary of Dr Charles Newton Lovely’s life and his involvement in the foundation of this innovative undertaking which set about alleviating and replacing some of the appalling slum conditions and tenements abounding in Exeter in the mid 1920s.


The significant achievements that he, together with like-minded colleagues, attained in supplying affordable and well appointed social housing within our City has largely been overlooked, (although the successors to this undertaking still operate today as Cornerstone Housing).  This presentation is another step to rectify this oversight.


He was heavily involved in the St John Ambulance, was for a period the Prison Doctor and, whilst living in Exeter, his medical practice was in St Leonards. He was the Founding Chairman of the company they created - the Exeter Workmen's Dwellngs Company Ltd -  and remained in that position for ten years until he retired.


The event is free to members but booking is essential from:   https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ dr-lovely-and-the-workmens-dwellings-company-1929-1938-members-only-tickets-45580335009


The cost is £3 for non members and the link for non-members to book in advance is: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/dr-lovely-and-the-workmens-dwellings-company-1929-1938-non-members-tickets-45585196550


Please do remember to book your place in advance.  We would hate to have to turn you away because the seats were all taken and if by any chance you are unable to take up your place - even if at the last minute - please let us know so that we can pass (sell?) your ticket on to someone on the waiting list.








              Walk in September 2018



Trees are a prominent and much-loved feature in the Devon countryside, and their history and environmental importance cannot be overemphasised.   An ancient woodland right on Exeter’s doorstep is the Clyst Valley and while some parts are well known - Killerton, for example - others are less accessible and await discovery. 


In September we have arranged for a guided discovery walk to explore the history and archaeology of Ashclyst Forest, from medieval field systems and hollow ways right up to the Second World War.  We will be guided by Jon Freeman, an archaeologist who is the Great Trees in the Clyst Valley Project Officer.   


We will learn to identify and appreciate the natural history of sunken lanes, flood meadows, and hill forts, and see with fresh eyes the varied and fascinating historic landscape - thanks to intrepid volunteers who, using historic maps and aerial photographs to navigate, have been hunting for ancient, veteran and notable trees to record in the national inventory.


 The walk would be around 2 hours long and start at 10.30.   The cost will be, as usual, £3 per person.  Parking is not a problem.  To book your place the link is:  




This event is fully booked at present but we are hoping to arrange an identical repeat of the walk in the same month.  So do put your name on the waiting list to ensure that you are informed as soon as the second walk is organised.



Wednesday, 10 October 2018 Talk at Jurys Inn

John Allan, by popular request, will be returning to tell us more about the building of Exeter Cathedral.

In April John took us through from Norman times to the middle of the 14th Century. We await with eager anticipation  the next fascinating instalment.

To book for members the link is:  


For non-members there is a small £3 charge and the link to reserve your place is:




Wednesday, 14 November 2018


The mills of old Exeter.  Details to follow.



Wednesday, 12 December 2018




An opportunity to learn all about life in Tudor times and how they celebrated their festivities,  particularly at Christmas.  There will be dancers both to entertain and to explain.  The poor will not be discussed - we will leave their sad lives to another day !


To book for members the link is:




For non-members there is a small £3 charge and the link to reserve your place is:





For more information our email address is exeterlocalhistory@gmail.com


If you want to take historical research further, we recommend you give Exeter Memories a try.  Their website has for the last ten years been amassing a wealth of information about Exeter.  It is well worth a visit.  Just click on this link: www.exetermemories.co.uk.


Another site of interest is http://demolition-exeter.blogspot.co.uk which features fascinating articles on Exeter's lost buildings.


All talks are on the second Wednesday of alternate months (February, April, June, August, October & December).                                          All meetings start at 7 pm and are held at JURYS INN, Western Way, Exeter EX1 2DB.                                                                  Free parking is available from 6pm in the Triangle Car Park at the rear of Jurys.                                                                                Walks/visits are usually on the second Wednesday of alternate months (January, March, May, July, September November). 

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