Medieval Bridge over Exe
Medieval Bridge over Exe

Exeter Local History Society

Exeter Local History Society members are hooked on history. If you share our fascination, why not join us? We have between 6 and 12 lecture meetings a year (details below), plus we occasionally have long-distance outings, and we cover an incredibly diverse range of subjects from Roman remains to post-WW2 redevelopment.

Our regular monthly meetings at Leonardo Hotel Exeter are usually held on the second Thursday of each month. Full details of future walks and talks are given below.

The charge for each meeting is normally £3 (free to members) and the annual membership fee is £12 (£16 for joint membership). If you sample a meeting and decide to join, the £3 cost will be deducted from your first annual fee. Walks and visits normally cost £3 p.p. for members and visitors alike.

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And do check out this website and see for yourself the great selection of subjects with which we entertain our members. Just click on "Past Events" to explore our programme! Click on "How To Join Us" for an application form. Please fill out this form if you wish to stay updated on our events and receive monthly newsletters.

We hope we will see you soon at one of our many events!

The photo shows Martin Horler as guard with the Royal Mail coach at Ascot racecourse in 2016.

The Role of the Royal Mail Guard

with Martin Horler on Thursday, 13 June 2024
at 7pm at The Mint Methodist Church Centre, Exeter (Rowe Hall)

We are all familiar with the iconic image of the stage coach. It appears regularly on Christmas cards, a symbol of an Old England, of Pickwickian cheer.

Martin Horler presents his talk in full livery. He explores the postal system from 1784 to the coming of the railway in 1840. Among other things, he talks about the revolutionary introduction of Mail Coaches, which were provided by contractors, with regular changes of horses, keeping to a strict timetable, exempt from tolls and carrying an armed guard.

Martin brings to the talk the weapons provided to guard the mail and demonstrates the calls blown by the guard on a 51 inch coach horn.

Tickets for this event can be secured by following the link below. The event registration is free for the members of the Society; there is a very small (£3) fee for non-members.

Churches, Cemeteries, and the Catacomb

A walk around Exeter
led by Redcoat Guide Mike Richards
on Thursday, 11 July 2024
starting at 2pm from the West Front of the Cathedral

Redcoat Guide, Mike Richards, will tell us about burial practices in Exeter from the time of the Romans to the present day. He will also detail the spread of Christianity in the City, and the construction of many of our historic churches, including the Cathedral. There are many interesting facts to discover. Did you know that many thousands of bodies are still buried beneath Cathedral Green?

The walking tour will end with a visit to the interior of the 19th Century Catacomb, built at great expense at the time when “grave robbing” was rife and Exonians sought a safer place to bury their dead.

The walk will start from the West Front of the Cathedral and will take about 90 minutes. It will end by the Catacomb.

Please be advised that there is a slope to be climbed up to the Catacomb.

There will be a £3 charge for tickets for members and non-members, and numbers are limited. Book early to avoid disappointment.

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