On 16 September 2021, John Fisher, writer, author, script and sketch-writer, cartoonist, public speaker. National Trust Volunteer and would-be ukelele virtuoso, will re-visit Christmas hereabouts in Exeter and in particular Charles Dickens’s immortal “A Christmas Carol”.


Winter or summer, at home or abroad, Dickens always wore a button hole of holly when he gave a public reading of A Christmas Carol.  He first picked his holly sprig during an after supper stroll through Rougemont Gardens on a warm August evening in Exeter in 1858.


Once a date has been decided, your seats can be booked here.

Please note that the rules on social distancing will of course be adhered to.  This means that our room at Jurys, which normally takes 60 people, will only have seating for less than 30.  We also ask that, instead of signing in, you bring a pre-prepared slip of paper bearing your name and your most up-to-date telephone number just in case we need to contact you subsequently.  You should also bring your face mask though I hope it will not be considered necessary - this is a decision for the day.  Rest assured we are doing all we can to protect you by following the safety recommendations laid down by the government.

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