Norman Beakheads from Oxfordshire


Little Known Facts About Churches



Jurys Inn, Western Way, Exeter


Wednesday, 12 February 2019



This fascinating talk by Martin Horrell, with over 100 photos many from local churches, starts with Ogham script (an Early Medieval alphabet) brought in by Celtic monks in the fifth century, followed by Saxon styles of building and Saxon crosses as well as Norman Beakheads (see pic above) and peculiar animals taken from Bestiaries. 


Also included are Apotropaic Symbols (to ward off evil) and Mediaeval terror of evil spirits, mermaids, poppy heads, Funerary Helms (warrior's helmets) and many others.


Booking for this absorbing talk is essential - even for members - to guarantee your place.  The link is:


Non-members are welcome but there is a small charge (£3).  Again, reservation is essential using the following link:



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