Ian Jubb
Colin Laskey

Old Exeter Postcards
History of the Postal Service

June 13th

Dick Passmore

History Of Theatre Royal,


August 8th

Robert Crawley and Colin Shears

History Of Exeter Transport

October 10th

Elayne Hoskin

Old Exeter – SW Film &

TV Archive

December 12th

Christine Trigger

Exeter A – Z




February 13th

Todd Gray

The Lost City Of Exeter

April 10th

Hazel Harvey

Exeter Civic Society

June 12th

Prof. Holdsworth

Quakers In Exeter & the

S. West

August 14th

Alan & Elaine Dolley

A Trip Along Exeter Canal

October 9th

Peter Faulkner

The Aclands Of Killerton

December 11th

Royal Albert Memorial Museum

Exeter Silver & Silversmiths




February 12th

Nigel Cheffers Heard
Dr John Salvatore

The Exeter Roman Bath


April 8th

David Clement

Admiral Sir John

Duckworth King

June 8th

Pat Salter

Exeter Pubs In the Early


August 8th

Alan Masonowicz

History Of Exwick Village

October 14th

Roger Thorne

2½ Centuries Of Methodism

In Exeter

December 9th

Stuart Raymond

the Sources Of English

Local History




February 10th

Prof Ivan Roots

End Of the Civil War In


April 14th

Gordon Chapman

Lost Cinemas In Devon

June 9th

Michael Portreath

General Buller & the

Boer War

August 11th

Kevin White

Aspects Of Exeter

October 13th

Pongo Blanchford

The New Trafalgar Way




February 9th

Canon Neil Collings

Colourful Clergy Of Devon

April 13th

Martin Watts

Exeter Watermills

June 8th

John Avery

Cholera In Exeter

August 10th

Angela Sutton-Vane

Exeter Police Force &


October 12th

Dr Janet Cutler

Isambard Kingdom Brunel




February 8th

Andrew Davey

History Of Exeter Library


April 12th

Canon Ann Barwood

The Exeter Riddles

June 14th

Geoffrey Harding

Aspects Of Georgian Exeter

August 9th

Dr David Keep

St Boniface

October 11th

Bob Alcock

The Development Of the

Exeter University Campus




February 14th

Frank Gent

Exeter Witchcraft Trials

April 10th

Christine Trigger

Fred Karno

June 12th

Todd Gray

Devon – the Slave Trade

August 14th

David Cornforth

Film of the blitz plus a

walk along the leats

October 9th

Prof Robert Snodwen

Restoration Of St Stephen’s





February 12th

Geoffrey Harding

Exeter Almshouses

April 9th

Carol Mcfadzean

Charlotte Treadwin &

Devon Lace

June 11th

DeputyEditor, Express & Echo

History Of Newspapers in


August 13th

David Pugsley

Exeter Coaches and


October 8th

Tim Jenkinson

Milestones and Boundary

Stones of Exeter




February 10th

Colin Laskey

Exeter Scenes - interesting

postcards and photos

April 14th

Geoffrey Harding

The Templers of Stover

June 9th

Felicity Harper

The Courtenays of


August 11th

Sadru Bhanji

The French Prisoner of War

Hospital at Countess Wear

October 13th

Todd Gray

New research in Exeter's 





February 8th

Sue Jackson

Ernsborough House, Home

for the Incurables

April 13th

Richard Giles

A train to Exmouth – a

journey of 150 years.

June 8th

Anne Howard

Using the resources of the

Westcountry Studies Library.

October 12th

Gillian Allen

The Davy Family of Countess

Wear, Topsham and Jamaica.




April 12th

Richard Holladay

The history of Garton and


June 14th

Camilla Hampshire

RAMM - Aspects of Exeter

August 9th

Mike Passmore

Exminster's Wartime Secret

October 11th

Prof. Ruth Hawker

The History of the Salvation

Army in Exeter

December 13

Julie Blackshaw

Myths and Legends of the

Barnfield Theatre




February 12th

David Cornforth

Rare film of Exeter during

the 1920s and 30s

April 9th

Jack Nott

Exeter's Ship Canal

June 11th

Caradoc Doy

Veitch nurseries influence on


August 13th

Tony Lethbridge

Redevelopment of Exe

Bridges 1968-72

October 8th

John Allan

Medieval Exeter buildings

December 10th

Colin Laskey

A collection of old postcards




April 10th

Colin Vosper

Harry Hems - ecclesiastical

sculptor (Harry Hems Centre)

June 12th

Mike Walker

Producing the serge and

Tuckers Hall 

August 14th

Dr John Salvatore

The Topsham Road Roman


October 9th

Clare Maudling

History of Postwar Exeter

December 11th

Peter Dare

Conservation and restoration

of Exeter Cathedral




February 12th

Frances Allwright

Wynards Almshouses

April 9th

Steve Patterson

Witchcraft in the

West Country

June 11

Malcolm Grigorey

Teign Valley Railway

August 13

Aerial Photos of Exeter Pre-WW2

David Cornforth

October 8th

David Force

225 years of an

Exeter Family Firm

December 10th

Richard Holladay

Retailing in

Exeter 1880-1940




February 11th

Christine Trigger

Past Exeter: Sidney 

Endacott's Watercolours

April 14th

Tony Lethbridge

Exeter and the Great


June 9th

Kevin White & John Davidson

Exeter School: Its


August 11th &

6 September 

Dr Todd Gray

100 Things You Should

Know About Exeter

October 13th

Malcolm Foster

Norman Exeter

December 8th

Michael Parrott

Polish Air Fighters in





February 9

Sam Rainbow

History of the YMCA

April 13

Dr Julia Neville

Exeter’s First World War Hospitals

June 8

Dr Kate Osborne

Exeter’s Medieval Bakers

August 10

Chris Reed & Todd Gray

Medieval maps to the present day

October 12

Ed Williams-Hawkes

Deller’s Cafe

December 11

Robert Hesketh

Christmas Quiz




All talks are on the second Wednesday of alternate months (February, April, June, August, October & December).                                          All meetings start at 7 pm and are held at JURYS INN, Western Way, Exeter EX1 2DB.                                                                  Free parking is available from 6pm in the Triangle Car Park at the rear of Jurys.                                                                                Walks/visits are usually on the second Wednesday of alternate months (January, March, May, July, September November). 

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